How to Get Involved

How do I get involved?

Young Leaders Conferences

Since 2012, we have had a wide range of participation of young people between the ages of 13 to 39. Whether you’re a tried-and-tested community leader, or someone who is interested in further honing your leadership skills, there are activities and events relevant to people from all backgrounds. Typically, attendees are:

  • Young Leaders (suggested ages 13 – 39)
  • People already involved in the Japanese Canadian Community in their city
  • People looking to get involved in the Japanese Canadian Community in their city

One of the greatest challenges is getting people in the same city, as it can cost a lot to travel across such a large country. As part of helping further build our nation-wide community, the Young Leaders Committee is pleased to provide subsidies to help support travel and accommodations for young leaders.  Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to contact your local NAJC Member Organization for sponsorship opportunities to make it possible for you to attend. Please visit for member organizations’ contact information. If you do not currently live near a Member Organization, please contact for more information.


Over the years we have had many inspiring volunteers dedicate their invaluable time and support to help contribute to the successes of the Young Leaders Conferences, and the Young Leaders Committee’s work. A special thank you to our volunteer professionals who helped capture the conference.

We are also constantly on the look out for new volunteers! Do you have experience in conference planning? Communications & social media? Activism & advocacy work in your community? If you’d like to get involved at a national level, please do not hesitate to contact for more information, or to let us know what you’d like to contribute!

Join the Committee

There are currently 10 Committee Members, each of whom serves for a term of two years. Please keep an eye on our website & social media, as we occasionally announce openings. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact for more information.